The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Tequila

When visiting restaurants in Amherst, especially Mexican restaurants, one of the most commonly ordered drink (to little surprise) is the margarita. 


Whether ordering specialty, frozen or a traditional margarita, there is one question that is always asked. Do you prefer a certain tequila? For many people the question presents no concern at all. However, for many more, you may find yourself sitting there, staring at the waitstaff like a deer caught in headlights, stumbling for the correct answer. 


Lucky for you, the Monaquia family is here to help! Here, we present the ultimate guide to the major types of tequila and what makes them what they are. After this read, you’ll never again fear the tequila question! 


Silver Tequila (Blanco)

As one of the purest forms of tequila available worldwide, blanco is bottled directly from the distillery and provides flavoring from the blue agave plant. Clear in color, blanco (sometimes referred to as silver or white) may be aged for a maximum of two months. However, it’s not uncommon that this category bypasses the aging process altogether. 


Gold Tequila (Joven)

There are two distinct ways that tequila becomes categorized as joven, or gold. The first is when the tequila (in blanco form) is combined with an aged tequila (like reposado). However, this method is typically used only in the finer brands of tequila. More often than not, joven tequila obtains its gold coloring from the addition of caramel before the fermentation process begins. Despite the difference in color, gold tequila is another type that bypasses the aging process. 


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If you are looking for a tequila that has been aged, reposado is where it begins. Typically aged anywhere between two months and one year, it is during this time that the tequila obtains its distinctive flavoring. Depending on the brand, flavors and aromas can range from citrus to spice. However, reposado is often described as a smoother tequila that provides hints of oak, vanilla, and caramel. While you may consider this tequila for your margarita, most reposados provide a delightful sipping experience as well.



Aged between 1 and 3 years in oak barrels, anejo is meant for sipping not mixing. For an even finer tequila experience, extra anejo is aged over 3 years. Amber in color and rich in flavor, consumers enjoy hints of vanilla, oak, cinnamon, 


And there you have it, the ultimate guide to understanding the different types of tequila. While we can provide you with the basics between tequila types, the brand is up to you! Enjoy the experience and have fun figuring out which type of tequila you can call your favorite! And, don’t worry. If you’re still not sure, our friendly staff is here to make recommendations and assist!

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