The Monarquia Mexican Restaurant Authentic Mexican Restaurant was built on a foundation of good food and close family. When you combine the authentic passion of two sisters rooted in tradition – well, let’s just say nothing stands in their way. Since its inception in 2018, Monarquia has quickly become the go-to for the best Mexican food in Amherst and surrounding towns. Why? Well, we hate to brag, but our family recipes come from generations of cooks that knew their way around the kitchen. Recipes that were first served a stone’s throw away from the El Arroyo, a small creek in the childhood village of the Sister’s Mother. Did we mention our fondness for family?

With patience and time, these same family recipes have been taught and handed down. Now, we are proud to share what our family has enjoyed for decades. Good, authentic Mexican food, cooked to perfection, and served the way it was meant to be served. And while you find many of the same offerings at other Mexican restaurants in the area, be prepared to discover many more unique items – like Pezca del Arroyo, a customer favorite.

Family Owned
Did someone say margaritas?

Let’s face it, when it comes to authentic Mexican restaurants, nothing pairs better with your meal than a margarita. At Monarquia, we agree entirely, which is why we proudly serve up some of the area’s most unique and thirst-quenching margaritas! Sixteen of them, in fact. Yes, you read that correctly.

Here, we not only love a good homemade meal, but we also appreciate a good ‘ole hand-shaken margarita to go alongside our dish. From traditional to cucumber, spicy to fruity, when you come to Monarquia, expect to find the unexpected.

Always welcoming, always fresh, always satisfying. And, of course, always fun!

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