Taking It Back With A Look Inside of the Fajita.


Whether you’re looking for the best restaurant for dinner out with friends or searching ‘lunch near me’ for a quick bite during the workday, Mexican food is always a win. With favorites from tacos to burritos, margaritas to sangria, what’s not to love? Of course, there are always house specialties, but there is just something about those traditional dishes that keep people coming back for more. For example, let’s talk about fajitas. Often overlooked yet always enjoyed, the fajita comes with a bit more history than one may expect.

Because we believe in providing the most authentic experience based on generations of family recipes, our team at El Arroyo is taking this time to provide you with everything you ever wondered about the Mexican fajita.


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And the credit goes to –

When researching the beginnings of any cuisine, there are many fluctuating stories. With the fajita origins, many tales lead to Texas. However, Texans can not take credit for this Mexican favorite. Instead, credit goes to the Mexican ranch workers living along the Rio Grande during the late 1930s.

Often, workers were handed the least desirable cuts of beef as partial payment for their work. As the saying goes, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and this couldn’t be more true in this story. Learning to work with some of the toughest cuts of meat, the ranch workers marinated and grilled the cuts of steak to perfection and served them in warm tortillas.


The rise of the fajita.

While the dish remained an ordinary backyard family meal for decades, the late 1960s brought change. Sonny Falcon, a meat market manager, decided to establish a fajita stand at a local festival. Experimenting with seasonings, the fajita as we know it today began to take formation. This continued through much of the 1970s when Falcon was named the ‘Fajita King.’

Though the dish has transformed far from the original skirt steak version, the fajita runs a close second to the popular Mexican taco.


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Lunch near me? El Arroyo fajitas are where it’s at.

With a strong commitment to providing our customers with only the most authentic experience, you can have peace of mind that El Arroyo fajitas will satisfy your craving. Choose from grilled steak or chicken, a combination of both, fish, shrimp, vegetables, or suiza. Paired with a side of rice, beans, and guacamole, you have yourself the perfect meal!


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