Food. The Perfect Gathering Element

Nothing brings a family together quite like a good meal. In fact, that is the principle that Monarquia is founded on. We are the go-to for Mexican food in Amherst and surrounding towns because our recipes inspired by family traditions add a quality to our food that you won’t find anywhere else. So if you want to bring your family together for Father’s Day or any other occasion, stop searching for “restaurants near me” and bring everyone to Monarquia!

Here are some of Monarquia’s specialties for you and your family to enjoy when you’re in search of the best “restaurants near me”!

Pezca Del Arroyo

Fish has always been a central part of Mexican food. Many Mexican communities are along the coast or by lakes, so fishing and eating fish is a staple of their lives. At Monarquia, one of our customers’ favorite dishes is Pezca Del Arroyo, which is deep-fried fish served over romaine lettuce. Accompanied by pan-seared shrimp and white rice, it’s perfect for your family’s seafood-lover. Are you the kind of person who always gets the same thing in a Mexican restaurant? This dish is a delicious way to branch out and try something new!


Torta Marqueza

This is our take on a torta, a Mexican sandwich. In Mexico, tortas are a street food almost as common and popular as tacos. But they are a newer addition to Mexican cuisine. Made with bread rather than tortillas, most cities and regions in Mexico have their own unique combinations of fillings that go in their tortas. Torta bread is often similar to a roll that you might find in a deli, with a crusty outside and soft inside. We fill our Torta Marqueza with lettuce, avocado, jalapeños, tomatoes, and your choice of meat. Finally, we top it off with melted cheese.


Platillo El Salto

Another customer favorite, this is our version of “surf and turf,” a grilled ribeye steak with grilled shrimp. If you’re wondering how we make it Mexican, that would be the charro beans. Also called “cowboy beans,” they are a traditional Mexican dish named after the traditional Mexican cowboy horsemen, or charros. The basic ingredients are pinto beans stewed with garlic, onions, and bacon. They also often include chilis, tomatoes, ham, or chorizo.


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Restaurants Near Me: Come Together at Monarquia

Family is important to us at Monarquia, and we share our love of family through our food. So instead of searching for “restaurants near me” for the perfect place to take your family, come visit us! Whether you’re looking for a place to have a Father’s Day meal or you’re celebrating just because, we have something everyone will enjoy.


We’re located at 292 NH-101 in Amherst, come visit us and bring the whole family!

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