How to Find Great Mexican Restaurants

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Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular, and you’ll find several Mexican restaurants in nearly every American city. But how do you know you’ve found a good one? When you go out for Mexican food, you want to know that you’re getting the real thing. But if you’re visiting a new city or just trying a restaurant you’ve never been to before, it can be hard to tell before you get there.


There are, however, a few reliable ways to gauge whether Mexican restaurants are authentic.


They have great salsa.

Most Mexican restaurants will serve chips and salsa pretty much as soon as you sit down. This is more than just to give you something to munch on while you look over the menu. The chips and salsa are the first thing that the customers taste and are an opportunity for the restaurant to show off its delicious flavors and fresh ingredients. If the salsa isn’t fresh, that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the meal.


Corn tortillas are an option.

Most restaurants offer both flour tortillas because they know many Americans prefer them. However, you should always check if corn tortillas are also an option, even if you don’t plan to order them. Corn tortillas are the traditional option for dishes like tacos, and if a restaurant serves them, that’s usually a sign that they know what they’re doing and use authentic ingredients and techniques.


They make fresh guacamole.

Just like salsa, you can know with near certainty that a Mexican restaurant is good if they make fresh guacamole. Many restaurants will even roll their guac-making station over to your table so you can watch them make it immediately before they serve it to you. But even if they keep their guac station in the kitchen, fresh guacamole is a sign that authentic Mexican food is about to hit the table.


restaurants near me

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