5 Common Myths About Mexican Food

When things quickly grow in popularity, there is always the chance of someone spreading rumors and myths about it. Mexican food is one of those with many topics circulating it. However, your local Amherst lunch spot is here to crack down on some of those myths and put some facts to them. 


Mexican Food is Fat and Greasy

One of the most frustrating myths about Mexican cuisine is that everything on the menu is high in fat and unhealthy. While some items on the menu can become calorie-rich such as burritos and nachos, it is simple to make them healthier. When ordering your meal, consider opting fr choices such as lots of vegetables and trying to go easy on the cheese and sour cream. In addition to this, many Mexican restaurants like El Arroyo offers healthier options such as soups, salads, steamed fish, and much more. 


Hard-Shell Tacos are a Mexican Creation

Despite some people’s beliefs, hard-shell tacos are actually not Mexican in a sense. In fact, the hard-shell taco was invented by the founder of Taco Bell in 1954. Glen Bell developed the original take on the Mexican soft-shell, thinking it would appeal to Americans who enjoyed Mexican food. 

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Mexican Food is Spicy

Do you or someone you know avoid Mexican food because “it’s too spicy?” This is not the case at all. When looking at our menu, you will notice that it is easy to find dishes of all spice levels. This fact goes along with the color red appearing in our dishes as well. Many people find themselves trying to avoid the color when ordering in fear that it may be too spicy. However, everything spicy on our menu is labeled by a chili pepper icon to avoid confusion. 


All Mexican Food is Tortilla Related

While many of the items on our menu might come with tortillas, not everything does. Not all Mexican cuisine is based on the use of tortillas. Our dishes at El Arroyo are incredibly rich and diverse, as many regions in Mexico all have different dishes that they commonly like to make. 


Mexican Food is Street Food.

Another common myth around Mexican food is that everything originated from the back of a street food truck. It is true that a lot of the easy-going Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos, and so on are commonly sold and made in a food truck, but not everything comes from a food truck. Traditional Mexican recipes elaborate on creations using unique ingredients that many food trucks would not find room for. It makes these the recipes that are commonly found in places like El Arroyo.

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Hungry for the best Amherst Lunch?

Since 2018, El Arroyo has been making authentic and delicious Mexican food. Because of this, we quickly made our restaurant an enjoyable Amherst lunch spot for all of our guests. 


But don’t just take out food for it. Visit us today or call us at 603-554-8393 to place your pick-up order

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